Consider The Environment First!

This more eco-friendly process offers distinct environmental advantages even beyond traditional flame cremation. Through the Bio Cremation process, we create the following highlights…

  • No vaporized mercury emissions and no filtration or abatement systems required. Note: Mercury from dental amalgam is contained and recycled not vaporized
  • Caskets are not burned – protects our natural resources and produces less CO2.
  • Low carbon footprint – 4x less carbon impact versus traditional flame cremation. Note: Reduces the use of fossil fuels and minimizes greenhouse gases/climate change
  • Energy efficient – 1/8 the energy usage versus traditional flame cremation.
  • By-product (effluent) is safe with no harmful chemical or microbial contamination.
  • Preserves 20+% more bone fragments than traditional flame cremation.
  • Embalming fluid is neutralized and cytotoxic drugs are destroyed in the process.
  • Pacemakers do not need to be surgically removed prior to the process.
  • Medical implants are unaffected and can possibly be recycled.