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Making Flameless Cremation a Reality

ST. PETERSBURG,FL— Orlando based, Matthews Cremation and Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes of St. Petersburg, are pleased to announce the official launch of Bio CremationTM as an option for families in Florida.

Alkali Hydrolysis, being marketed through Matthews as Bio Cremation, is a proven technology, but only recently introduced into funeral service as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation. Alkali Hydrolysis uses ninety five percent water and five percent potassium hydroxide (KOH). KOH is an alkali (not acid), inorganic compound that is used in numerous health and beauty cosmetics, soft soaps and cleaning supplies. With four times less the carbon impact and an eighth of the energy usage, Bio Cremation offers environmental advantages to traditional flame cremation. Upon completion of the cremation cycle, just as in a traditional flame cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn and given back to family.

“Today, we live in a world that encourages us to protect and preserve our natural resources and lower our carbon footprints by reducing greenhouse gases,” says Steven P. Schaal, Matthews Cremation’s president, North American region. “Bio Cremation from Matthews gives individuals and families another choice at the end of life’s journey, allowing them to honor a legacy created on earth with a final gesture to preserve it.” “We are pleased to offer Bio Cremation services on a commercial basis to our families,” stated John McQueen, president and owner of Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes. “By providing families with all possible options and educating them on what is available, they can make better informed decisions on what is most important to them when dealing with end of life issues.”

Anderson McQueen is a second generation, family owned funeral home and the only private, on premise crematory serving the St. Petersburg area. Best known for personalized funerals, Anderson-McQueen offers unique services that may include memorial videos, balloon or butterfly releases, live webcasts, a Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse, and the world’s first Bio- Cremation provider. Pet Passages, cremation services for pets, is a growing area of service.

Additional information about Ander- son-McQueen Funeral and Cremation Centers can be found online at Matthews Cremation is a total solution provider for cremation products and services with a passion for the environment. For more in- formation about Bio Cremation technology from Matthews, visit