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Bio Cremation™ is growing in popularity as more and more people learn about how it can allow them to help the environment and future generations by doing their part to preserve precious natural resources and reduce their individual carbon footprint in a final act of thoughtfulness. Our organization frequently attends trade shows, gives seminars, and writes articles to bring the personal and ecological benefits of Bio Cremation to interested audiences in our industry and beyond. This is the place where you can stay informed about the world of Bio Cremation.

Bio Cremation®  Could Bring Dead People Back to American Cities


In a recent article by Ben Guarino for, it appears that biocremation is only gaining further steam in the media. Up until recent years it seemed that families had two primary choices for their loved ones: burial or cremation; however, the tide has shifted to include Bio Cremation® ...Read More

New Flameless Cremation Process Could Be Legalized In Illinois

By CBS Chicago

For 20,000 years, people have been using fire to cremate their loved ones. Now, for the first time, there’s a new way to do cremations and, if Gov. Pat Quinn signs a measure approved by the legislature, it could be available in Illinois by March...Read More

 Matthews Cremation and Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes Make Flameless Cremation a Reality 

By Funeral Home & Cemetery News

On Thursday, September 1, 2011, hundreds of friends and family, along with leaders from the business and Jewish community, attended the dedication of Chicago Jewish Funerals’ new chapel in Skokie, IL... Read More

Chemical cremation offers green alternative for deceased (

Funeral home using cremation alternative (

Chemical cremation (

Funeral Home Using Cremation Alternative

Lynn Moshier is planning. Moshier lives in St. Petersburg, as does her 96-year-old mother. Her mother is preparing for life after death. Originally, she planned on cremation. But then her daughter saw something in the newspaper... Read More

New, Greener Cremation now Offered in St. Pete

By Laura Kadechka

It turns out you can reduce your carbon footprint in life and in death. A new, greener form of cremation is now being offered at Anderson-McQueen funeral home in St. Petersburg... Read More

Resomation Offers a Green Option for Human Remains

By Chris Cain

News first told you about "resomation" in August. The process of chemical cremation combines water and potassium hydroxide to quickly turn human remains to liquid... Read More

Dying to be Green

By Tyler Suiters

One of the hardest things to talk about in life is death, and what happens after we pass away. But there’s a growing movement to consider the environment when planning a funeral... Read More

Chemical Cremation Gains Supporters in NJ

By Jay Levin

An emerging alternative to cremation is piquing interest — and raising eyebrows — in New Jersey. Alkaline hydrolysis uses lye, heat and pressure to dissolve body tissue. The remaining skeleton is ground into a fine, white ash and given to the family... Read More

Kansas to Regulate New Cremation Choice

by Gene Meyer

Kansas funeral industry regulators are set to setting rules for using a new form of cremation, by dissolving bodies in lye, that will become legal in the state July 1. But few expect the practice to become widely used anytime soon...Read more

The Mortuary Science of Alkaline Hydrolysis - Is it Ethical?

by Sr. Renée Mirkes, O.S.F.

The Catholic Church has sound theological reasons for its unswerving promotion of burial as the normative practice for bodily disposition. Burying the deceased highlights the important truths. Just as faithful Catholics have shared... Read more

State and National Standards for Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems

There is a growing list of new and existing companies manufacturing and marketing alkaline hydrolysis systems for the disposition of human remains. However, not all systems utilize the same equipment design or operational processes... Read more

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Green Cremation Offers Clean Departure, September 5, 2011

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St. Petersburg funeral home first in country with alkaline hydrolysis cremation option, September 2, 2011  

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Aired March 23, 2011

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Eco-Friendly 'bio-cremation' opts for water over fire, October 29, 2010

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St. Petersburg Funeral Home wants to be the first to offer Chemical Cremation, October 26, 2010  

Green to the Grave

Aired October 20, 2010 on Fox News - Tampa Bay

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